Multiplying Healthy Leaders Worldwide

Thrive Ministries is a cooperative of international pastors, church overseers
and five-fold ministers who work together in multiplying healthy leaders worldwide.

My Story

It started in the fall of 1995. I was minding my own business during my morning prayers in the church building. Part of my prayer regimen was to pray through a book entitled Operation World, a guide for praying for the greatest needs of every nation in the world ( As I was praying for a particular country in Eastern Europe I read a simple sentence that changed everything for me:

Bible training for existing and future leaders is a great need. The average pastor
supervises five churches. Most new churches lack a pastor, and many pastors lack
training. This has hindered church growth.

I still cannot explain what happened next…



“What as I supposed to do with this pain?”

Step into the profound exploration of loss and healing with “Walking Through Grief” by Mark Medley.  When the pain of losing his beloved wife, Melissa, to pancreatic cancer became an unyielding companion, Mark was haunted by the relentless question: What am I supposed to do with this pain?

In the face of life-altering loss, grief can be a thief that robs us of the joys of the past and the hopes for the future.  Our losses, in all their forms, can leave us shattered, unsure of who we are where to turn.  Yet, with the pages of this poignant book, the Bible offers a steady compass-a guide through the labyrinth of loss, fear, and anger.  The Psalms of Lament, authentic and raw expressions of deep grief, lay out a pattern for embracing pain in a way that fosters healing.

The Story of Thrive Ministries

The story of pastors in the nations and how Thrive Ministries works together to supply them with resources and relationships that help multiply healthy leaders worldwide. The heartbeat Thrive Ministries is to train the untrained so they can reach the unreached. You can join with us to help these heroes.

A far-off continent, a remote village, an impossible coincidence… is this what it takes to discover what’s inside a man?

The Same River Twice takes the reader on a fantastic journey to another world and an unfamiliar culture. But it is really a journey into the equally unfamiliar territory of the wounds of a fatherless heart. And the road to healing.

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Be a Bethany

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Thoughts from Mark
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I Am These Sheep

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