Aleksandr & Larisa – The Village of Niya

On October 23, 2019

Aleksandr & Larisa, leaders of small church in village name Niya.  Short story of 2016

Many years ago, father and son went out for weekend in the forest for fishing, they enjoyed the time together.  They spend a night in a tent, early in the morning Aleksandr went to prepare food.  He decides to put down a tree, to have good amount of firewood, he felt as home in the forest and taught a lot his son but that morning something went wrong, the tree fell wrong direction, exactly on the tent where his son was sleeping.  He killed his own, beloved son.

More than nine years since they lost their adult son.  They never talk about it, even never mentioned his name, it was painful for them.  Aleksandr could not forgive himself, Larisa, his wife never forgave him too.  Of cause, the church didn’t grow, they understood they missing a lot but seems no way to get out of that prison.  They were trying encounter, “sozo” program but no one could help them.

Olga and I visited them a few times but they never raised this question, even more, if we approached this subject they would quit talk.  We understood the situation, especially because they were leaders in the church, love God and we were trying to help them.  Once on our way to one of the other churches we decided to stop by.  We prayed with them and then we stopped prayer and raised up the subject.  It was long silence, then little by little they start to talk, finally, that night, they like Lazarus, went out of their tomb.  God healed them, they forgave each other.  Next morning, they were like newlywed, found themselves smiling, talking joyfully. Then they said, our three other children already grown but we were like in a dream we didn’t see them, didn’t take care of them, today we as awaked from deep long sleep.

Now they serving the Lord together joyfully.

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