Autumn Poland Trip

On October 29, 2023

My Dear Thrive Partners,

Once again I’m sending loads of thanks for your prayers and support for this trip to Poland. Amazingly, this is my fifth trip there in the last 12 months and God continues to build strong partnerships and connect me to new leaders as well.

You may remember that earlier this year I had a “sheep experience” in the mountains of Poland. Well, I spent the first few days of this trip walking again with the shepherds as they led their sheep down from the highlands back to the villages.

This was a challenge, as we walked two days with them (nearly 32 miles) through mountainous terrain in beautiful southern Poland. But the insights that our group gained about the relationship between the sheep and the shepherd held such wisdom for life and leadership. 

Since my first journey in the spring of this year, I have shared my “LeaderSheep” principles with leaders in many countries. Leaders are fascinated with the parallels between leading sheep and leading people. And we are all beginning to realize that we must first be a beloved sheep of our great Shepherd before we can be effective shepherds to our flocks. 

I believe these experiences will lead to a “Sheep/Shepherd seminar” that I will use in the future to train pastors and leaders in many countries. 

I met with several leader groups and did some church ministry as well as speaking to a conference of young Catholics on the Father Heart of God. I also reconnected with some of the students from New Psalm Studies School and sat in on the mixing session of five songs that came from these students. These beautiful, fresh, polish worship songs will be released on YouTube for use in local churches soon. I’ll keep you posted. 

I also was able to finish the recording of the audio version of my book, Walking Through Grief, and meet with prominent Polish publishers to discuss the possibility of having the book translated into Polish and distributed throughout Poland. These talks are ongoing, so I would appreciate your prayers for this matter.

In the meantime, the English version of Walking Through Grief will be ready for pre-order October 30, with an official release date of November 20! 

I’ll send you more about this soon.

Thanks so much for your continued support. So much has happened in the first two years of Thrive Ministries and the possibilities for next year look just as exciting. 

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