Leadership Conferences

Mark travels to many countries to strengthen, encourage and teach leaders through conferences. These conferences include:


  • The Making of a Leader: The process God takes leaders through to make them leaders
  • Finding your fit in the kingdom of God: Understanding your spiritual gifts
  • Strengths Finder: Understanding your Strengths and working well with your team
  • The Father Heart of God: the relationship that changes everything
  • The operation of the Five-fold ministry in the local church and church networks
  • Christology: The Person and Work of Jesus Christ
  • Introduction to Theology: Beginning to know God, His character, and His nature
  • The Active work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer and a church
  • Spiritual Disciplines: Daily practices that foster intimacy and godliness
  • Margin: becoming a healthy person by creating spiritual, emotional, physical and financial space
    in your life.

Worship Conferences

Mark has been involved in worship ministry since the mid 1980s. Beside his many years of experience in leading worship and creating a culture of worship in local churches, Mark has a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Music and Jazz from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is proficient on electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums and keyboards. Trinity Community Church has hosted a regional worship conference for churches in the Tennessee Valley region called “Worship in the Valley”. Mark has played with worship artists Paul Wilbur, Robin Mark, David Ruis and Dave Bilbrough, among others, and has mentored many current national worship leaders. Mark has written dozens of worship songs.

Mark taught private music lessons for over 20 years, including teaching at Fountainhead Conservatory of Music and focusing on mentoring young worship leaders. His heart in teaching local, national and international worship conferences is to strengthen the musical level, spiritual integrity, and worship vision in local churches. These conferences focus on worship theology, musicality and music theory and helping worship teams to work together, in step with the Holy Spirit, as they lead their congregations in worship. Mark touches on all elements of music, as well as improvisation and practical elements of worship leading in the local church. His book, “Because He’s Worthy” is his effort to combine the spiritual and practical elements of worship leading to help local worship teams be the best they can be. “Under the Mighty Blood” is a CD compilation of worship songs written by members of the body at Trinity.

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