Czech Republic/Poland Trip Report

On February 27, 2024

Dear Thrive Partners,

Thanks so much for standing with me in prayer for the trip to Poland and the Czech Republic. What a full and fruitful trip.

The songwriting camp in Poland was extraordinary. The richness of the relationships among these creatives grows with every meeting. For five days we studied the book of Ephesians—with an emphasis on resting in the finished work of Christ, and working out of that rest—and these truths resonated deeply with the nearly fifty people in attendance. 

The Songwriters (PIEŚNIOPISARZE) rehearsing a new song for a video recording.

The healing that came through the scriptures and through the community as we shared our stories together was deep and beautiful. Many new songs were written and shared, and three news songs were recorded to be released in the coming months. These songs were unique, truth-filled, and very Polish.

The week in Gdańsk was filled with meetings with old and new friends, personal ministry to leaders, teaching in churches, ministry to homeless with the Street Church, and Strengths training with a local ministry team. There is interest among the pastors there to have a city-wide “healthy grieving conference” later this year using the truths from my book, Walking Through Grief as a guide, so that is a prayer point.

Street Church, Gdansk

My Ukrainian friends Andrii and Ivanka Luhvishchyk came to the Czech Republic shortly after the war started two years ago to plant a church among the Ukrainian-speaking believers here, many of which are refugees of the war. Their church looks different from month-to-month as many refugees choose to move on to other parts of Europe or return to Ukraine. 

Ministering to people with no home and much pain is not easy. Their ministry is kind of Bethany—a refuge to many in the city. You can read more about this kind of safe place in the blog below.  

Your partnership with Thrive is a hand extended to these leaders in Eastern Europe and beyond. Thank you so much for you willingness to work with me and those on the ground here. 


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