Prayers for Kenya/Tanzania

On August 16, 2023
Hello Friends,

I am writing this with such gratefulness since I know I have a great group of kingdom-minded people to pray and support Thrive Ministries. Without your help none of this could happen, so thank you.

I am off to East Africa soon, working with dear friends Yuriy and Olga Drozhzhin in Kenya and a team from Trinity Community Church in Tanzania. I want to ask specifically that you would pray for spiritual protection. These areas are known for the demonic oppression present there. We need to be covered and carried by the strength and grace of God. Thanks for covering the list below in prayer. In other news, after much work and collaboration with my publisher, a launch date has been set for my new book, Walking Through Grief: Finding Hope and Healing in the Psalms of Lament. I’m super excited to announce that the  book will be released on November 10!

Of course, there is much work to be done between now and then, so please pray for the final processes to go smoothly.

Also, please enjoy the blog below—a reflection on the privilege we have to work together with God on this earth.


Mark Medley


Ministry Itinerary

August 20-22—Travel to Mbita, Kenya

August 24-27—Ministry in Mbita

Pastor John Gombe—Crisco Church

Alloyce Leonard (TCC Partner and leader of Victoria Watoto Fund)

Thursday—Saturday—Pastors and Leaders Conference 

Sunday — Teaching in Crisco Church, Mbita

August 28 Travel to Nairobi

August 29-31—Ministry in Nairobi

Pastors and Leaders Conference, Pneuma Ministries 

Pastor Nicholas Saoke

August 31—Travel to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Sept 1-4 — ministry in Maasai village (Kirya)

Seminar; micro-business set-up; men/leaders in Kirya; medical outreach

Sept 5—Travel to Marangu

Sept 6—Marangu Leaders conference 

Sept 7-8—Mwanga leaders conference

Sept 9—Time with Pastors Lyimo and Deo

Sept 10—Minister in local Church

Sept 10-12—Travel Home

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